• Walking Down The Road in 2011 – by Dr. Randy Gold, Psy.D.

    Wow, it’s 2011 already. How’d that happen?!!!

    I’m not sure if this is what happens as you move on in your years, or if it’s the business of life that leaves one feeling this way. But it sure seems life is moving at a pretty fast clip. For many of my clients, this pace seems to leave them perpetually feeling as though they can never get ahead, or rather, never get a grip. As if life has a hold of them, more than they have a hold of life. It’s the plans that they keep saying they want to make, or the steps they say they keep wanting to take. The busyness of being in a relationship, working, taking care of one’s family. These all contribute, understandably, to this interesting phenomena. But there’s something else I often see that seems important to talk about. And that is, as simply as I can determine, that the road is often tough. And getting through the tough road takes will, determination, and perseverance. Continuing down the road takes an ability to tolerate frustration and pain, as well as some semblance of hope, and often some faith and belief that what lies ahead is something worth working for. No wonder we hesitate. No wonder we say there’s just not enough time. No wonder we leave it for another day……

    Perhaps 2011 can be a year we each choose to walk down a particular path, in hopes that we might find ourselves in a different place. Perhaps a young girl, through hard work and determination, can feel relieved of the burdensome anxiety she had carried with her for far too long. Perhaps the nice man who sits across from me can find himself in a place free of the constant battles of an unhealthy relationship. Whether it’s a parent learning new ways to work with their child, or an individual learning new ways to work with their feelings and thoughts, it seems that if we move towards the road no matter what seems to be in our way, that we might be thankful we took these steps.

    May 2011 be a year of learning and growth. May you look ahead at the possibilities, and move into and through all the fear and hesitation. May you create something wonderful. A happy and healthy 2011 to you all…….

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