• The Big Picture, a.k.a. The Road Map – by Dr. Randy Gold, Psy.D.

    Spending my days learning of people’s struggles, and walking alongside them as they search for ways to overcome problems, can be both a very rewarding experience as well as very challenging one. It can be one of great insight, but it can also be one of limited movement. It can be many things, often things varied and opposite. And with so many personal factors thrown into the mix, each person’s path can be so very different, as can the road they choose to follow. It’s from this place that I often find myself trying to balance differing thoughts, feelings, and goals.

    One of these spots leads me to an internal debate between being in the moment and looking out at the “big picture”. So often I am reminded that being present in the moment can be such an amazing experience, such an amazing way to live life. And then too, I am reminded how helpful seeing things in a big picture sort of way can be. There was a time when it seemed that these two vantage points were separate, that they could not be thought of together. But as the years have moved on, and lessons learned again and again, it seems that these two perspectives are often, if not always, somewhat intertwined.

    The big picture has played a significant role for so many that I work with. It has offered them a perspective, a perch so to speak, from which they can gain new insight, experience new feelings, and achieve new successes. It has offered them a framework from which to live out their dreams, conquer their fears, and engage fully in the moment.

    So it is from this place that today I pay homage to the big picture.

    When I refer to the big picture, I am referring to that ability inside to look out at the past, the present, and the future. It’s the ability to see beyond what is solely in focus right in front of you. It’s the ability to see many layers of meaning in a situation, not simply the outer shell. I find that it can be incredibly helpful seeing life in this way.

    I have watched people use the big picture to understand their families and loved ones, so as not to get lost in specific hurts and errors. I have seen people, both young and old, use the big picture to create a road map to overcome fears, achieve goals, and improve the quality and experience of their lives. I have witnessed hurt evolve to understanding, and struggle evolve to lessons learned. I have seen people stuck, and I have seen them free themselves with help from greater understanding and looking out at a bigger picture, that offered them new goggles to see through.

    If I venture ahead, with knowledge of a bigger picture, with the knowledge that what lies ahead might simply be an expected but unknown bump in the road, I can prepare myself to be ready to face these challenges. I can plan ahead, and when the moment arrives, I can push through these experiences with my feet moving forward and continue along the potentially amazing journey of life.

    So here’s to the big picture, and thanks for offering a way out of some of the stuck spots, and allowing us to appreciate so many of the good things, while the challenging stuff tries to knock us back…

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