• Keep on Moving – by Dr. Randy Gold, Psy.D.

    The new year has begun. For some, things are flowing as they always have. But for others, the flow has slowed, stopped, or changed directions entirely. There are lessons to be learned to here, some easier to swallow than others. Some lessons will require us to look back and make sense of how we got into this spot. Other lessons will help us learn to live life in the moment, to be as present as we can be, and to make the most of each particular situation. And hopefully there will be lessons about looking forward, but not so far ahead that we can’t see clearly in the moment, but just enough to help us keep moving in some direction or another. And I guess that’s the part of this that keeps waving it’s flag my way. It’s the voice that says over and over again these few words: keep on moving.

    One of the problems with depression and anxiety, for instance, is that our natural response to these is often slowing down, doing less, and retreating. As we retreat, what was once comfortable, becomes less comfortable. As we slow down, we accomplish less, experience less, and our minds and bodies often pay the price. So we teach moving forward against the natural instinct, fighting against the wishes of the anxious voice, pushing forward and moving past the challenges that appear in our way. We work towards getting up and about, even though the depression has sapped our energy and motivation, and we do so until the energy begins to return, and the depression fades in the rear-view mirror. We keep on moving.

    Whether it’s something outside of us, like the economy, or something inside, like a frustration or hurt, it seems one step we can take in both situations, is simply that: to take a step. We can wallow in the feelings, slow down, and those feelings will likely reign victorious. Or, we can look outside and inside, learn from where we are and where we’ve been, and create a plan for the future. We may not know exactly where we’re going, but we can still move our feet. Who knows, we might even stumble upon something we like…………

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